The gospel of Jesus is what produces faith, hope, and love, and is what allows us to be more like Him. Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg exists as a movement of the gospel of Jesus for all people. We are dedicated to advancing this gospel through gospel centered community, teaching, service, and multiplication.


Before Jesus’ ascension, He commanded His disciples to take His teachings and share them with the people of the nations. Jesus would then empower His disciples through the Holy Spirit. When the disciples were empowered by this Spirit, they traveled to share the news of Jesus’ kingdom, His forgiveness of our sin through the cross, His resurrection and ultimately the defeat of the enemy. This news, the gospel, was the news that brought hope, change, and power over the darkness.


Community is a place where people gather as the church to sing, hear God’s word, and to seek to work out the things we are learning in small group settings. These are places where we can reflect and participate in what it means to be a community marked by the gospel of Jesus. 


As we look to the future, we look at the work of the church in planting other churches, partnering to develop church leaders, and teaching Jesus’ commands by bringing them to the heart of people throughout the world.


Service is looking for practical ways to minister to people because of the gospel. Whether this is through bringing a meal to someone, helping them practically around in their home, or finding ways to serve the community, the gospel frees us to invest into others through acts of service.