Pastor Ryan Marr breaks down how the Book of Revelation is "Revealing Jesus"

The book of Revelation is a prophetic warning that is in line with the Old Testament with images of cosmic beasts, plagues, and the rider with a sword coming out of his mouth. These images are meant to capture our attention and paint a picture of God’s victory over the cosmic powers of darkness. The Book of Revelation is meant to inspire patient endurance and faithful allegiance to Jesus by showing us a New City and a New Heaven and Earth.

– Pastor Ryan Marr

Demystify and learn about end time events, prophesy & more in our study on of Revelation.  Consecutive, chapter by chapter, expositional teaching.  Available online and in person.  Interpreting Revelation, end times and its prophetic warnings with Pastor Ryan Marr of Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg. 

Revelation 1 verses 1-3, the main points were Why Revelation, What is Revelation Revealing, and A Heart to Listen.

Revelation 1 verses 1-3 part 2. Pastor Ryan’s three main points were The Language of Apocalypse, Interpreting Revelation, and A Prophetic Warning.

Our study in the book of Revelation chapter 1 verses 4-9 the topic Revealing Jesus’ Kingdom. Pastor Ryan’s three main points were A Message from God, Revealing Jesus’ Rule, and Revealing Jesus’ People.

Revelation 1 verses 10-20 Pastor Ryan had three main points Trumpets and Temples, Tribulation’s Priest, and Tribulation’s Future.

Pastor Ryan Marr continues our study in the book of Revelation. Chapter 2 verses 1-11 the three main point for the message are Love’s Struggle, Slander’s Harshness, and Paradise’s Food.

Revelation 2 verses 12-29. The three main points are A Voice of Compromise, A Voice of Judgement, and A Voice of Victory.

Revelation 3 verses 1-13 the three main points are Faithful Endurance, Jesus’ Verdict, and Holding Forward.