As Jesus served those in need, so do we.

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Serving our Community

What is Men of Arms?

Men of Arms is an acts-of-service ministry in serving our community! Throughout the month we complete projects at the homes of people in our church bodies, in our community and on church property. On the first Saturday of each month before each project, we meet for a time of fellowship, prayer, and sharing testimonies; and then head out to a scheduled jobsite. Newcomers are welcome and no experience is needed, and no minimum time commitment is necessary. We welcome you to participate as often as your schedule allows.

The Impact of Men of Arms

These videos show how our ministry has made a positive difference in the lives of the people we have served. Watch and listen to their stories of gratitude, hope, and faith.

“It was like angels coming to help us. So many people were willing to come out and share with us!”

“They helped me out at a time when I could not have afforded to do this, and consequently it was just so exciting when they came over. These guys gave of themselves, as they say Jesus hands and feet at work.”

5 Categories of Connection

Ways you can help today. Prayerfully consider helping in one of these 5 ways…

Prayer is a powerful way to connect with God and support the Men of Arms ministry. You can pray for the workers who serve in the projects, the people who receive the help, and the impact of the ministry in the community. You can also sign up for our newsletter which will give you opportunities to pray for the people we are serving.

Serving is a practical way to show God’s love and compassion to those in need. You can serve in the Men of Arms ministry by coming out once a month to a scheduled jobsite. You don’t need any experience or skills, just a willing heart and a helping hand. You can also invite your friends and family to serve with you and make it a fun and meaningful activity.

Giving is a generous way to contribute to the Men of Arms ministry and make a difference in people’s lives. You can give to the ministry by becoming a monthly partner or making a one-time donation. Your financial support will help us cover the costs of materials, tools, and transportation for the projects. You can also donate items that we can use for the projects, such as lumber, paint, nails, etc.

Learning is an enriching way to grow in your faith and knowledge of God’s word. You can learn more about the Men of Arms ministry by signing up for our newsletter, which explains the biblical basis and purpose of our service. You can also learn from the testimonies and experiences of other workers who have served in the projects and seen God’s work firsthand.

Sharing is an effective way to spread the word and inspire others to join the Men of Arms ministry. You can share your stories and photos of serving in the projects on social media, using the hashtag #MenOfArms. You can also tell people you love why this ministry is so important and how they can get involved. You can also invite them to our monthly team gatherings or our website to learn more about the ministry.

Are you interested in periodic updates about the exciting ways Men of Arms is growing and impacting our community for Jesus? Sign up for our newsletter!

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If you are in need of assistance by the Men of Arms group, please call the church office of Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg at 727-577-7705.