Wednesdays 7pm / Saturdays 6pm / Sundays 9am

Church family,

These past few ever-changing weeks and months have impacted each of us greatly. During this atypical time, we were able to stay connected as a community of believers with online tools like Zoom, and we were able to still share in worship, teaching, and in some aspects of fellowship with one another. We are so excited the Lord was able to still move through Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg, and we were able to still fulfill our mission and vision, to be a movement of the gospel of Jesus.

During Step 1, all groups will continue to meet online, but we will reopen for normal services on Wednesdays at 7pm, Saturdays at 6pm, and Sundays at 9am. Our Sunday 11am service will continue to be held online only, giving each person no matter their unique situation, an opportunity to still join us. We will also start each service with a single song, but save the rest of our time of worship to the end of service, giving those who may be uncomfortable with public singing, an opportunity to exit. We will also not be having Calvary Kids, or Calvary Youth. Instead, we will have a family area set up in The Chapel, where you can watch our family friendly service together, if you feel more comfortable. And as always, children ages 6 and older may join you in the auditorium. One of the biggest changes we’re making throughout all of Step 1, is that we’ve rented a 40ft by 100ft tent, that we will be setting up in our parking lot. There, you’ll be able to watch the service, sit down, and spend time in fellowship with one another in a well ventilated, outdoor area.

Our staff has been working around the clock to ensure this a safe and smooth transition back to more normal operations. Our goals for reopening were to be able to gather together for in-person worship, teaching, and fellowship. So each of these aspects was given much prayer and consideration to ensure you have a safe and comfortable experience while at our facility. In addition to cooling our 100,000 square foot facility, our specialized HVAC units are also responsible for continuously bringing in outside air, to circulate within the building. This amazing feature helps provide fresh, clean air, while most importantly greatly reducing the risk of transmission. We’ll also be designating specific entrance and exit sides for you to come and go through, as well as designated walking routes throughout the building. We’re also adding directional arrows on the ground, as well as additional signage. This was all done to create a limited contact experience. Our auditorium, which normally holds up to 1,500 chairs, is being reset with only 500, which will place us well below the 50% intended capacity guidelines. We’re also setting them up in a new configuration to help keep you and your family close, but give a comfortable distance from others, if desired. We will be providing face coverings for those who do not have one, and asking all guests, parishioners, and staff members, to wear one while on campus. Our diligent facilities teams will be cleaning and disinfecting the building in between all gatherings. The teams have been given specific training and direction, and will be using special chemicals that are designed to neutralize communicable germs. Lastly, we’re going to be developing systems to help us with contact tracing, in the event an individual from our congregation tests positive.

We are so excited about this transition, and through prayer and preparation we will be able to have a safe reopening. However, even despite these changes, if you still feel uncomfortable, we completely understand, and respect the decisions you make. We are all still a family, and can still spend time together in worship and teaching through our online services, and would love to continue having you there. As always, we are here for you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions or concerns you may have for us.

God bless,

Pastor Ryan Marr, & Safety / Facilities Director Mike Wilsbach


Church Office: OPEN

Church Services: OPEN (30min before) & ONLINE 


Service Fellowship Tent: WEATHER PERMITTING 

Small Groups: ONLINE ONLY

Skate Park: CLOSED

Bookstore: OPEN

Counseling: ONLINE ONLY

Special Events: SUSPENDED

Calvary Kids & Youth: ONLINE ONLY

Calvary Cafe: CLOSED

Service Attendance

If you’re feeling ill or have come in contact with someone who has been confirmed to have COVID-19, we ask that you stay home, and to join us for our live online services at, to best facilitate a more hygienic environment. During each regular service time, there is a livestream with worship and video announcements. Services Wed. 7pm, Sat. 6pm, Sun. 9 & 11am (11am ONLINE ONLY).


Pre-service Greeting

During our time of greeting, we ask everyone to greet one another with smiles instead of hugs and handshakes to facilitate a more hygienic environment.


Calvary Teams

If you’re a volunteer here at Calvary, be sure to frequently check in with your team leader, and to let them know via phone or email if you are experiencing any of the signs or symptoms of being ill. We ask that if you are experiencing symptoms, or have come in contact with anyone who has been confirmed to have COVID-19, that you refrain from coming on campus for volunteering or for service.


General Hygiene

Our facilities team of staff and volunteers will continue to work diligently by cleaning our building and facilities before and after each service and group gathering. We will continue to develop and reassess the most effective strategies to keep our facilities as clean and sanitary as possible.



We ask that when navigating through our facility, to the best of your abilities refrain from touching door handles and crash-bars with your hands. Instead, use a shoulder or clean paper towel if possible when leaving the restroom. Our facilities staff will be doing their part in disinfecting all door handles, crash-bars, and frequently contacted surfaces.