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Life Groups at Calvary Chapel

What are they?

Life Groups are diverse small groups of like-minded people who are drawn together for a common purpose.

They meet throughout the week in various homes for a special time of fellowship, prayer, encouragement, and Bible study.

One thing is for sure: Life Groups are perhaps the best place to form strong relationships with other followers of Christ.

Finding one

  1. Decide what location and what features you are looking for so you'll have the best chance of connecting with people.

  2. Find a group that's a good fit.

  3. Visit the group! Keep in mind that visiting a group doesn't mean you're committed to it, so if the first group you try isn't a fit, that's fine - just give another one a try!
Find A Life Group

Build Relationships.

God values relationships. He wants you to be part of a community where people support and encourage you. This is one of the aspects of the Christian life found in Acts 2:42.

Your faith has to be more than just between you and God. It needs to be lived out in the support, fellowship, and encouragement found in community with others.

Starting one

Want to serve the body?

The path to starting a new Life Group begins with getting plugged into an existing group and faithfully attending for at least 6 months. Join a group, and let the leader know that you hope to start your own group at some point - and be prayerfully patient as God opens doors accordingly.

Coordinated with your leader and ready to start a group? Start a Life Group
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