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Classes - What we teach

Helping parents raise kids who love Jesus

Children's classes are available in each of our services from nursery to 5th grade. Classes are specifically designed for each age group. Our goal is to communicate God's love to the children at their level of understanding. Children in 1st through 5th grade will get a complete overview of the Old and New Testament. We teach the children to ask three questions:

  • What does the Bible say?
  • What does the Bible mean?
  • What does God want me to do?
When you walk in the door, you'll see signage directing you to the children's area. Or you can ask one of the many volunteers serving to direct you. At the main kids area, you'll be greeted by a volunteer or staff member who will help you check your child into the correct age appropriate classroom.

Should you ever have any questions, any member of our staff or any of our volunteers will be happy to help you! Also, if you have any questions about Calvary Kids before attending a service, you can always contact any of the staff or pastors to find answers to those questions.

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Enjoy Serving


It is our goal to equip our teachers, helpers and volunteers to serve. Towards that end, we offer the following avenues for training:

  1. We host a Children's Ministry Conference, periodically, with a variety of workshops to choose from.
  2. Online training sessions, seminars, newsletters and curriculum from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.
  3. Our policies and procedures manual for teachers, helpers and other Children's Ministry volunteers.
  4. Teachers Orientation meetings are held two months prior to each new six month session. Check our children's calendar for specific topics and other details.


  • Raise Your Praise Calvary Kids Worship CD
  • Rowdy Krowdy B-Ran Da Shouty
  • Satellite Dish Calvary Kids Worship CD