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Joe Seddio

Office Manager & Financial


About Joe

In 1977, I was in the 10th grade when our government still allowed evangelism in public schools. A traveling Christian theater group came to our school in rural Alabama and presented the gospel at our school assembly. I was intrigued. At the end of the presentation I went forward responding to their invitation. After a long discussion with a counselor about giving my life to Christ, I knelt before His throne and asked Jesus into my heart. I was young and did not fully realize the treasure I had found, and I had no one to disciple me. Gradually, I walked away from Him for a season. I made some poor choices while checking out what the world had to offer. But God, in His incredible mercy, drew me back to the Cross a few years later. I counted the cost and gave my life completely, and knowingly, to my King and His service. It is sad that evangelism is no longer legal in our public schools. But the Lord opens doors for me to talk to others about what God can do for them, and I pray that I am always ready and willing to heed His call.