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Frank Dehn

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My parents divorced when I was six, so I grew up fatherless. As I grew, I learned the "importance" of money, riches, success, and happiness. My life's motto became "He who has the most toys wins!" Yet I was empty inside. Material things and freedom from poverty did not cure the emptiness. Partying, sex, drugs, alcohol, and vacations did not cure the emptiness. I was 33 years old, and I knew there had to be more to this life than everything I had.

My sister Kendy told me what I was missing - a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She prayed for me to seek His truth. Her words struck me because she was poor and had no toys, yet happy and filled with joy. She was also very, very persistent and I began to avoid her. After about three years of her diligent witness, I began to seek truth.

I bought a Bible, prayed for signs (while sober), turned my car radio to a Christian station and waited. Finally I went to Calvary Chapel St Petersburg on Easter Sunday. I sat in the back row and was bored until Pastor Danny Hodges asked a question: "Is there anyone here who is seeking to know the truth?" My insides screamed "YES!" and my ears grew 10x's bigger to hear. He led me in a prayer of salvation and I raised my hand to acknowledge that I said it. Yet when the service was over, I did not feel any differently. Three days later, while driving home from work, the words "I know" came out of my mouth. Right then my quest was finished - I knew without a shadow of doubt the Holy Bible was true and Jesus Christ died to be my Savior. John 8:32.