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Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest of Canada, I formed my ideas about God through a legalistic faction of a reformed church. The emphasis appeared to me to be on a stern God who was distant. After leaving that church in my teen years, I discovered a relationship with Jesus in a wonderful Baptist church. However, it wasn't until my college years that I discovered the fullness of the Holy Spirit in a charismatic church. Prior to college, I ran into a few difficulties while backpacking in Asia that stemmed from living a compromising lifestyle. During this time, the Lord spoke to my heart, convicting me of being a "luke-warm, fence sitting Christian" that was in danger of getting spit out of His mouth (Revelation 3). After returning home, I was baptized and started attending Trinity Western University (A Christian College) that fall. My life was never the same as I began to pursue a committed relationship with my Savior. In September of 1999, I attended Calvary Chapel for the first time and shortly after felt at home. I love our church because in it, I have found a balance with the emphasis on a Holy and Mighty God, the tender love of Jesus and an intimacy through His Holy Spirit while emphasizing God's word!